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Table of Contents List AuditThis is not spam, as your name is on one of our lists of purchases, information request, free download, or referralsWe are looking for Like-Minded Internet Crime Conscious List Members who want to Like, Share, Comment, or Donate to Increase Traffic to our Alerts, How-to, Resources, Tips, Tools, and Related Value-Added InformationPlease Subscribe, Friend, or Connect, but If this is not your “cup of tea” feel free to unsubscribe, unfriend, disconnect next, or below the Free DownloadsClick here to Unsubscribe, Sorry You Didn’t See Fit to…

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Isn’t It Time YOU Helped Support Our Internet Crime Awareness Campaign? [Video]

Table of Contents Internet Crime Fighters Org [ICFO]YOU Can Help Increase Internet Crime Awareness?We need Visitors, Traffic to Help Increase Internet Crime AwarenessOur ranking has dropped from a high 20-30k range to 1.7mOur website valuations have dropped from $7-8k to $2kIt has become necessary to create our first support campaign since 2004ICFO Fund Raising CampaignDonations would be appreciated and welcomeYour Likes, Shares, and Comments will increase our Ranking, andHelp Attract Traffic, Advertisers, and SponsorsThanks for Your Support and Have a Great DayInternet Crime Is Everyone’s Responsibility, ButVery Few Care Enough…

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Increasing Internet Crime Awareness – My Story [Video]


  Table of Contents I Dusted off My Story As Part of My Campaign to Increase Internet Crime AwarenessLife Begins for Me, My StoryBorn in early 1939 in South Boston MassachusettsMother was from a wealthy family in Stratford. ConnecticutShe was not married, and her pregnancy shame was shielded by her GrandmotherBy arrangement, the hospital informed the mother that her baby was DOAMother and grandmother return toMy former wife found my mother through a search on the InternetImagine her shock and disbelief to find out over the phone That her baby was…

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Social Caring and Sharing [Video]

Social Caring

Table of Contents Social Caring and SharingIncreasing Internet Crime Awareness is Everyone’s ResponsibilityGood Day AllI am Dr. Don Yates, Sr, Ph.D.Founder of The Internet Crime Fighters Org  (ICFO)Introducing my Campaign to Increase Internet Crime Awareness, andTo update some of the history related to our efforts which have led us to this campaignHistory2010 My Free WP blog closed by WP due to a scammer complaint about our report – New BlogNew Paid Hosting Blog blocked and labeled “Unsafe Content” by most browsers and ranking servicesInternet Crime includes topics offensive to most…

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